Saturday, July 7, 2012

Stopping to smell the roses

Hello Readers! How I've missed writing. I have no excuse except to say its been busy and I've been tired. Baby K is growing perfectly and doing amazing! I am so anxious, excited, and nervous to meet him! I constantly imagine what his perfect face, dark hair, tiny little feet and toes will look like. It's weird to love someone so much already that I havent met. It's so hard to believe we will get to meet him in 6-10 weeks! Boy has nesting kicked in, pics of nursery to come soon :) The pregnancy itself has been up and down. What is has taught me is to slow down and stop to smell the roses. This isn't easy for me, I am a type A person and am always trying to do a lot. As I type this, I have my feet up even though dishes need to be put away and laundry needs to be done. It's killing me, but it's not just me to think about, it's my sweet baby boy and I need to know I followed doctors orders in order to keep him cooking as long as possible. My other new project in my spare time, I've started writing a book. More to come on this when I'm not so tired. I haven't figured out how to posts pics from my new IPad... if anyone knows please comment and tell me! Here is a link to one of my pics a few weeks ago at 28 weeks:

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