Friday, March 9, 2012

The BIG News

The semi BIG news is...I've been off of Enbrel, Plaquenil, and Prednisone for over 2 months.

Why you may ask?

That brings us to the big news....I'm pregnant! Mike and I are so happy and excited to be expecting our first Baby! I will tell you, the past 9 weeks have been anything but easy, thus my MIA for many weeks at a time.

So rewind over 6 months ago. We began talking about the possibility of trying to have kids, discussed it with my many doctors, and heard all of the warnings regarding how LONG it could take, especially with RA and the meds I was on.

This led us to the decision to stop preventing at the end of November. Since I'd been on the pill I didn't think much about not being regular as the home tests were negative. So beginning of January we go into the Rheumy and he wants an MRI done of my hands.

The nurse came in to talk to me about labs/scheduling the MRI and she said any way you could be pregnant? I told her the situation and she said let's do a pregnancy blood test just to be sure. I never dreamed it would be positive.

So 7:30am the next morning I see I missed a call from my doctor's office. I figured my vitamin D was low because I had been so tired, and I was in an all day meeting so I didn't answer. Then began the emails from Mike which I thought was a bit strange...want to do, I was in an all day meeting...want to do I am in a meeting. And then the doctor's office called again, so I stepped out to answer and got the news...I'm pregnant! I was in shock. I called Mike, he knew! When the doctor couldn't get a hold of me he called him. When does the DAD ever find out before the MOM??

And then began the med conversation. I stopped enbrel (at least for first three months, hoping not to have to take it at all through pregnancy), all three allergy meds, switched to a lower dose heartburn medicine. I tried to stay on Plaquenil but that didn't last KILLED my stomach.

So for my RA, Tylenol is my current weapon of choice. Thanks goodness pregnancy has lowered my crazy immune system so it's been manageable, a few bad RA days but mostly ok.

Then the nausea set in. And getting sick...ALL the time. Morning sickness is NOT just for mornings. Zofran and phenergan has been added for getting through the nausea. Gummy pregnancy vitamins. and heartburn. And more heartburn.

And the GOOD news we got today at our perinatal appt (13 weeks)...everything looks PERFECT! Baby K should be making s/he's appearance around September 15. Here are a few of our first pics of Baby!

More to come as I being to learn how to manage RA through pregnancy. Can't wait until school is over so I have more time to research this subject.

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  1. Oh congrats and congrats and some more congrats! I am sooo happy for you and yours :-)