Saturday, February 11, 2012

Senior Slide

Senior remember that from your high school and undergrad days right? Those last few months where you are finishing all of your course work and you began to loose motivation.....a.k.a. Senioritis

This is definitely what I have come down with. For example, instead of writing a week overdue paper for my class I'm finishing independent study, I paid bills online and am writing this blog post. (I'll do the paper after....ya..that's it...)

So 3 months to go....3 months....5 books...lots of articles.....6 papers...1 group project....and 1 internship (oh yea...200 hours...I'll get to that...) is all that stands in my way of GRADUATION!! It's so close I can almost taste it! And then I'll have that Master's Degree I've always wanted...boy things have changed since I started four years ago. Different job, different company, different house, got engaged, got RA, got married, got blog, got milk? ;)   You get the picture.

Then we are going to party like it's 1999!!!! (Yes, I think I just did date myself....)

And my's it doing? It's actually doing pretty darn good right now...fingers are a bit swollen sideways, maybe a nodule on my ring finger, but for all that's going on right now..that's not too shabby! Will post more on this soon. Hope everyone else in blog world is doing well.

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  1. Keep the finish line in sight. Almost there...keep telling yourself this...almost there. And then maybe you will truly start believing Be proud, you have accomplished so much already!