Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Great Furniture Move

There is something about the new year that makes me want to start fresh. This year I decided I wanted all new furniture. Since that isn't possible....we rearranged what we had and I am pretty ok with it. I chose these words because I've always wanted a big kitchen/dining room table on my main level, but we don't have a big eat in kitchen or dining room in our current house, so the big kitchen table moved to the basement. At least you can't tell it's a basement room because of all the light.

Thanks to Etsy, I got the idea of putting shelves in our kitchen, will post pics of that soon once they are up and filled.

Survived the first weekend of grad school pretty well...feeling kinda tired but not completely wore out...just losing motivation to work on school work...since I have a 5-7 page paper to write by TH...I better find that motivation soon ;)

Some pics:

Front Door in upstairs living room
Complete sectional moved up form basement
Another view of upstairs living room

Basement couch and chair living area
Kitchen table now in dining area in basement

Another view

Puppies! They were wondering why I was taking pictures of the room and not them!


  1. I and the puppies approve :-) Looking good! And you have found the best way to save money. I shop Goodwill often for my accessories and we have a local flea market that I try to do on Sundays. I find such cheap accessories at the flea market from pillows to small tables, lamps, linens, throws, pictures (paintings), art work. It is a cheap way for me to redo my home. Right now I am on the hunt for my 20 year old who will be moving out in 1 1 1/2 years. Once she finishes grad school for accounting. And yes, it will take me that long to find all these great deals for a 1 bedroom...I am picky.

  2. I get that feeling too. I had to rearrange our place the day we took our Christmas tree down. I would love all new furniture but unfortunately that's not happening. I'm thinking about refinishing a table and desk I have . . . but that sounds like a lot of work! ;-)

    p.s. I love your dogs.

  3. Deb- what a great idea of the flea market...we don't have too many of those around here but I've been to a few when we travel and had a lot of fun looking at the antique looking items.

    Lyda- glad to know I'm not alone in needing a fresh look every Jan. 1!

  4. New year, new life, and new interiors! Haha! When I was still staying in Nevada, I had the habit of doing that too. The only thing is, I’m doing the renovations during my birthday and not on the New year. Anyway, moving your furniture instead of replacing them can be a good and thrifty idea, but you still have to be careful in transferring stuff. There are furnitures that are easily damaged when constantly moved from one area to another. As I can see in your post, I can say that you’ve done a meticulously good job in moving your furniture. :)

    - Max Champion